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Under the name Fittslöjd I sell my handmade embroideries with various pussy and sexpositive motifs. I mainly use wool.
I also sell small posters. At the moment there is only one motif - but with several different texts.

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These embroideries are available in several different colors and sizes. The applications are in wool felt and the bottom fabric is black vadmal. Also available as a craft kit.

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Masturbation embroideries

manual masturbation

Most of my masturbation embroideries are on black bottom with white yarn, but it is great to order with a different color.

The embroidery is available both with and without text. You can have your own text.

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Amazing women's bodies

amazing woman

Lovely women's bodies of different sizes and angles. Embroidered with white yarn on black vadmal (however, it is great to order with a different color)

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Snipp flowers

Snippflowers yllebroderi

Wool embroidery with colorful snipp flowers. The embroideries are available with different flowers and sizes of the snipp bouquet.

Adorn the wall with beautiful snipp flowers

Glittering pussies


Paintings with pussies sewn into glossy and glittery fabrics. Motifs with a lot of bling and glamour.

Botanize among all glitterfittor


Poster with woman masturbating

Posters 18*24 cm The motif is printed but the text is written by hand. The picture is available with 8 different texts.

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